Mission Statement

Our company's primary purpose is to promote tourist destinations and attractions to the group tour industry. Our philosophy is more of a direct marketing approach. We believe repetitiveness is the key to results. We believe results can be measured and tracked to give the advertiser the ability to customize their approach to prospective customers. This will enable advertisers the ability to adjust their campaigns so they are able to increase their return on investment. Advertising space coupled with editorial followed up with measured results gives our customers control over an advertising campaign that our competitors cannot equal.

About Us

Vacation America Magazine is a trade journal which provides our readers with information about destinations, attractions, lodging and dining that would appeal to the group tour travel industry. Our monthly news letter and web site provides up to date information on special offers, events, festivals, celebrations and theme tours. We also provide information from CVB's, chamber of commerce's and attractions anxious to increase their group tour trade by offering special rates, discounts and free services to attract more group tours.

Our Expertise

The owners of the company have extensive experience in both direct marketing and the group travel industry. The company's staff includes experts in the internet business, web design, publishing and customer service. By combining professionals from all these fields we are able to produce a trade journal that services beyond compare the advertisers as well as our readers.

Why Advertise With Us?

  • We also are sent to travel clubs that include senior citizens clubs, fraternal organizations, and senior clubs within banks and savings and loans.
  • Ad campaigns that are repetitive, include editorial as well as a continued advertising presence on our website, and included in our destinations and attractions directory.
  • We provide data tracking that reports to our advertisers exactly who is reading their articles, who clicks on their ads and looks them up on our directory. In simple terms we provide leads from tour operators that are interested in your attraction or destination.
  • We give our advertisers access to our data base of subscribers for their own direct marketing campaigns.